Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cannonball Read #7: New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

There is nothing I can say about this book that this brilliant stick figure cartoon already hasn't.

Plot summary:

Sparkle, sparkle, 18th birthday, whatever shall I do now that I'm a people year older than my non-sexual boyfriend, sparkle, sparkle, presents whee!, bleeding eee!, Edward bye, mope, numb, overreact, mope, Jacob's cute, Jacob's just my friend, but Jacob's so sweet, Jacob's just my friend, PRETTY SATIN CURTAINS HAIR, cocktease, cocktease, I LIVE FOR DANGER, mope, disembodied voice of Edward, mope, Italy, suicide by excessive sparkling, whine, make me a vampire!!, whine, The End.


Jeremy Feist said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I do so hope you're happy wih yourself, you just made me spit milk all over my laptop.

Julie darling, why do you continue to inflict this torture on yourself?

Liz said...

Hee! You must let me know when you get to Breaking Dawn, cuz I ain't touchin' that shit until you do.

Marra Alane said...

Julie, tell me honestly: is this worth reading? I quit after Twilight, but part of me wants to read on, just to make fun of it.

Nicole said...

Do the jazz hands for me.

Julie said...

Marra, they each take about 2-3 hours to read, and they're stupid fun and a blast to mock. So...yes, they're worth it? My roommate bought me the 3rd one for Xmas as a sort of gag gift, she loves it when I read the dialogue out loud :)

Sofi said...

Is the lion table mentioned in any of the Twilight books?

Oh, and a reminder: my birthday is March 21st, so if you wanna send me a lonely woman pillow, I won't mind.