Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cannonball Read #s 11-18: the rest of the Sookie books Living Dead in Dallas through Dead and Gone, by Charlaine Harris

I read the rest of the Sookie series during my vacation in Florida (oh pelicans, how I MISS you), and read the 9th and most recent published addition the other day. I feel like a complete idiot reading them in public, with their silly covers and terrible terrible titles, but the hipsters on my trolley can shove their Schopenhauer up their asses. This series is fun as hell and I'm already sad that there's no new Sookie on the horizon.

Sookie has continued to grow on me, which is why I just get weepy over how fucking annoying she is in True Blood. She's just such a firecracker (Firecracker? Am I 80 years old? Fuck it, it's staying) in the books-often to her own expense, but it makes for good reading. My favorite character will always and forever be Eric. He's so arrogant and dangerous, it's no surprise me and the roommate have slight book crushes on him. And I love the continued expansion of the supernatural universe, with the shapeshifters and the fairies and the demons and the stupid god-damned werepanthers. The books have consistently grown darker with each new layer of fantastical lore. Sookie may be the heroine of the series but Harris isn't afraid the batter her around and throw tragedy after tragedy her way. Somehow Sookie and her Super-rack haven't been devoured by a weregrasshopper yet. SOON Sookie. It's just a matter of time.

Anyways, this was half assed because it's been so long and there's no way I'm reviewing each individual book 2 months after having read them. I'll finally post a real review of some decent novels in the very near future. My days have been filled with too many hours of warm weather drinking and familial obligations, but I'm much less distracted now. Probably because I'm out of "I wish I could bang a hot undead Viking" books.


Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Dear Julie,

Please can you inform me the day a weregrashopper is introduced into this series, so that I can go to my library and check out all of them. Because that, my friend, is something I need to read.

Thank you.

Anna von B.

Lizzie said...

Oh, Erik. That his name, right? the hot undead Viking?

I wouldn't mind that either.

I need to catch up on these books. I'm four or five behind.