Friday, October 17, 2008


I have to have a blog now? Fuck. Me. Upside down.

Yet I couldn't resist the lure of a reading contest, one that I am sorely losing. Bring it bitches, English Major Julie is coming at you swinging her unabridged collected works of Shakespeare.


Dylan said...

but i want more books about cat rape

Julie said...

Oh, they'll be here.

Sarah said...

Julie! JulieJulieJulie!


That is all.

jM said...

Cats? Really? Call me an elitist, but you know what they say: Once you go panda, your mom cries everyday and your boyfriend threatens to put you in the slamma?

Yeah, soooo... I'm not an English major.

Pajibagirl said...

Just so that I'm prepared, would that be the Norton Shakespeare, missy?

Julie said...

Ummm...yes? It's the Fatass Hardcover That I Was Forced To Carry To Class edition ;p